The Trueman Show

Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco.
From the tourist’s perspective the city looks nice and offer peace, clean road, tidiness, respect. Squares, streets, shops and beaches are empty, it seems to be in a movie set.
Then, moving towards the border, set by a triple fence that divide Europe from Africa, places change, people live on the streets and the city’s soul shows itself.
Poverty, sub-Saharan immigration, racism, smuggling, corruption increases moving away from Melilla La Vieja, the old town. “Africans” refugees try to jump over the fences throwing stones against the Civil Guard, women and old people load their backs of smuggling goods to cross the boundary with Africa.
Morocco from above control the pressure on fences and dominate this corner of Europe.


Different holidays

The association MAIC, an ONG of Pistoia, works with people with severe disabilities.
They have been promoting for years a period of rehabilitation in a seaside resort, located along the Versilia’s coast.
Since the beginning of June until mid-September all staff, assistants and family members move to the sea, a completely different framework from the stereotype of the clinic.
The rehabilitation of a disabled person, who needs a constant assistance, has more impact and success if is done in a social and joyful environment, in combination with natural elements like sun, sand and water.
This story tells about disabled children running and playing, dancing and having fun in their normality.
Moreover, my intention is to take pictures even in their traditional context and home in order to complete the project.