#CapeDrought – Documenting the crisis

.With this campaign, I will realize a short documentary project about the massive drought which is affecting the Western Cape area in South Africa. Cape Town will probably be the first city to dry up the water resources and close the citizens’ taps. Four million people will be forced to collect a maximum of 25 litres of water per day from one of 200 public taps distributed throughout the city. Twenty thousand people for each tap! This is the worst water crisis ever

.With your help, I will be able to build up the entire project. I will be in South Africa around May in order to create a documentary film including interviews with economists, hydrologists and meteorologists who have been working on these issues for years. Furthermore, I will visit the townships of Cape Town which are the most affected areas where thousands of people living in critical conditions, with no basic municipal services, such as water access, electrical hookups, and street lighting.
Finally, I’ll take part in the “Droogte Hulp” humanitarian mission. The NGO convoy is currently travelling in the Western Cape region to help farmers, providing them water for irrigation and fodder. Farmers, forced to drastically reduce the use of water, now found themselves in a severe risk for their farm. Fields are unproductive and the cattle are dying of hunger and thirst.